Tuesday, 10/31/2017


halloween 2015 1

From Carla’s Chest
Happy Halloween
Free Kill Cliff or FitAid to anyone wearing a costume
Halloween Partner Workout
Switch at your discretion
Buy in:
400 m Run with pumpkin (med ball), can pass between partners
100 step ups with pumpkin (20/24)/ partner holds at bottom of squat
75 GHD pass overs with pumpkin (scale to abmat situp with pumkin toss)
50 strict pull ups/ partner must hold dead hang (pumpkin optional)
75 burpee toss with pumpkin (toss first, then burpee, then catch)
100 pumkin squat cleans/ partner holds hollow rock
If at any moment you drop your pumpkin, the penalty is 2 burpee broad jump for every offense, as a cash out.
* No one left behind: If your team finishes before others are done, split up and join another team
(your repswill count toward theirs) until everyone is done

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