New Year’s Day Workout 2016

31 athletes attended the 3rd Annual New Year’s Day workout at CrossFit Terra Nova. The workout consisted of 16 reps each of 20 different movements. In addition, 5 burpees were performed before each movement for a total of 420 reps! The burpees were added to today’s workout to initiate the launch of the 2nd CFTN 100 Day Burpee Challenge. Starting today through April 9, the Burpee Challenge consists of 5,050 burpees total.

Today’s workout included:

Wall balls, ring dips, kettle bell swings, box jumps, push-ups, push jerks, power cleans, front squats, kettle bell sumo deadlift high pulls, kettle bell snatch, double-unders, weighted sit-ups, weighted lunges, Romanian dead lifts, Russian twists, slam ball thrusters, ball slams, toes to bar, stick jumps, and pull-ups. AND… 100 BURPEES!

This will be another great year at CrossFit Terra Nova! Check our events page on our website, the CFTN Facebook group, or the white board for upcoming socials, events, and competitions.


new year 2016


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