Thursday, 5/28/2020

A. “19.1”

AMRAP in 15 minutes of:

19 wall balls (14/20)

19 cal. Row

B. Every 4 minutes for 32 minutes
5 each arm single arm dumbbell push press, medium to heavy weight
5 chest to bar
300m run (400m if you want this to be noticably more challenging)

Single arm dumbbell push press:
Barbell push press: 5 reps, go a little heavier than 2x what you would dumbbell push press. Doing exactly 2x the single dumbbell weight is a little too easy when you get to use both arms on one bar 🙂
Strict press: 5 reps, these are harder than push presses, so use a lighter weight than you would for push press.
Seated strict press: same as strict press but now you are seated. Keep your guts crunched in the seated strict press. Its VERY easy to let your back arch, we don’t want that, fight it as hard as you can.
Push ups: 10 reps. if you need to scale these, do them with your hands on a counter top or standing up against a wall. Think about keeping your hips straight the whole time.

Chest to bar:
Whatever you do, make the weight/difficulty somewhere between light and heavy. These shouldn’t be as hard as strict pull ups, but they also should be heavier/harder than kipping pull ups.
Banded strict pull ups: if you have bands and a pull up bar.
Barbell pull up: if you have a barbell, a barbell rack and you feel safe doing pull ups on your barbell while its in the rack. The barbell needs to be high enough that you can hang from it without your butt touching the ground. Put your feet underneath you like you’re doing a squat. The more in front of you your feet are, the more this will become an inverted row.
Inverted row/Ring row: keep your body straigh the whole time, don’t let your hips drop at the bottom, stiff as a board! Also remember to keep your shoulders locked in place, lats engaged. Don’t let you’re shoulders come forwared when you’re at the bottom of the row.
Bent over row: the heaviest weight you can do the same amount of reps as the pull ups with, unbroken, with good form when you are tired. Good form means straight back AND hinging forward as far as you can (you should feel your hamstrings engage). If you’re barely hinged forward then this won’t be working the muscles we want it to.
Anything else from here: with heavier weight.

Any cardio for 1:30-1:45 mintues.
Jump rope: single unders, 1:30 minutes. If you have or want to work on double unders, do those.
Mountain climbers: count how many you do in 1:30 minutes in the first round, hit that number for the rest of the rounds.
Run in place: the higher you lift your legs and the more you pump your arms, the harder this will be.
Row: 375 meters
Bike: 900 meters

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