Thursday, 4/23/2020

Day 38 of the stupid coronavirus shutdown

A. Every 4 minutes for 32 minutes (8 rounds)
3 deadlift 70-80%
15 bent over rows, light or 10 kipping pull ups
1 minute plank

Get ready for your arms to fall off! 😀
Keeping your shoulders engaged during the deadlift is going to be a real challenge today (at least it was for me 😉 ). This is the workout to figure out how to work through it. Get your guts and butts engaged, keep your back straight and hold those shoulders in place as well as you can!
Go really light on the bent over rows. You’re going to be doing a bazillion of them, if you go too heavy you’ll be using too much bicep and probably swinging your hips around. Try to keep your hips from moving, pull the bar into your hips not your chest and get ready to feel it 😛
You can do the plank on your hands or on your elbows. Really focus on keeping your abs and glutes engaged. When you start getting tired your back is going to sag, you’re going to disengage your guts, fight against that! Don’t forget about your glutes, if they are engaged, it will be easier for your guts to engage.

Summary: less reps deadlift, high reps whatever you do for rows/pull ups, engaged your abs for a minute.

The deadlifts are about building strength today. Keep your weight heavy and drop your reps.
Whatever you do for rows/pull ups we want to do a lot of them, don’t lower the reps. Go as light as you need to with the weight, if that means holding a shoe in each hand thats totally fine 🙂
If you need to take a break during the plank, take a break. Try to accumulate a minute worth of planking, don’t try to accumulate for longer than about 1:30 though, you still want to get some rest before the next round.

These can be done with any kind of weight you have, barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc… If you use a lighter weight, increase your reps. You can use 1 or 2 kettlebells, 1 will be light, increase reps 🙂
Good mornings: without weight. Do as many as you can in 20 seconds. Keep your back straight, cross your arms in front of your chest and focus on those glutes/hams. At body weight it can be easy to just smash out a bunch of these without thinking, don’t do that. Work to keep your body in strong solid positions.

Bent over rows:
These can be done with whatever kinds of weights that you have, barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, milk jugs, etc…
Kipping pull ups: try to get your chin over the bar with a straight neck. Don’t lift your chin for that extra inch, make your arms pull you all the way up.
Band pull downs: if you can attach a band to something over head, stand up straight, start with your arms over head and keeping your arms straight, pull the band down as far as you can.
Anything light weight from here : keep it light or body weight.

Static leg raise: lay down with your back on the ground, lift your feet about 6 inches off the floor, hold them there for 1 minute. Putting your hands under your butt will help with this. Crunch your guts! Your lower back should be touching or trying to touch the ground.
Seated hold: sit like you are going to do russian twist, with both your back and your feet off the ground. Do not twist, just hold this seated position.

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