Friday, 4/24/2020

Day 39 of the stupid coronavirus shutdown

A. Front squats

5×5 @ 85%

B. Part A:
5×4 bench press, heavy 70-80%

Part B:
3 rounds for time, 10 minute time cap
20 russian kettlebell swings, heavy
10 burpees
5 strict pull ups

A quick sprint before the weekend 🙂
Be safe in the bench press. Unless you have a spotter, don’t go heavier than you can handle by yourself, don’t put clips on so that you can dump the weights if you need to. Remember to engage more than just your pecs when you’re pressing. You need the rest of your body engaged a little bit to keep you stable which helps your shoulders have to do less work.
Think about what your back is doing in your kettlebell swings. Its easy to focus on your legs but your back being engaged and in a neutral position is also very important in these. If you’re lats and guts aren’t engaging enough your back will be wobbly and that will make your hips have to do more work, you’ll probably end up wiggling your hips all over the place. Try to do the kettlebell swings unbroken, we are trying to sprint through this.
Burpees, everyone’s favorite! 🙂 I like to tell people to try to keep their feet wide during these, like you’re doing a squat, here’s a video that agrees with me 😉
In the strict pull ups, put your hands on the bar a little bit wider than your shoudlers. Going really wide is hard on the shoulder, going narrower changes what you’re engaging and how. Really think about engaging your back muscles when doing these, lets work on nice strong lats today! 🙂

Summary: go lighter if you need to, try not to lower the reps.

A lower weight in the kettlebell swings means more reps. Remember that these are russian kettlebell swings today; you only need to get the kettlebell to your eye level, so going heavy isn’t as big of a deal as american kettlebell swings. If you are adding more reps, pick an amount that is about the most you can do unbroken with your weight. Don’t make this too easy by picking an easy weight and don’t make it take too long by having way too many reps.
Try not to lower the reps for the burpees, just grind them out 😛
If you are going to do 3 or less strict pull ups, think about modifying so that you can get more work done with your shoulders.

Bench press:
Dumbbell bench press: will probably need to go lighter than you would with a barbell. These are harder than barbell bench press, but if dumbbells are what you have, use dumbbells 🙂
Dumbbell floor press: lay on the floor and press like you would on a bench. These don’t go through the entire range of motion and are a bit easier because the floor helps out at the bottom. If you have heavier dumbbells than you want to press, these should make pressing them easier. Scale your reps up if it feels too easy.
Tempo push ups: 4 seconds down, 4 seconds up. Don’t worry about increasing reps, you’ll feel these 🙂
Push ups: bump up your reps and REALLY think about doing them well. Flex your guts and butts like crazy, keep your body in as straight a line as you possibly can and get your chest all the way to the floor. You can do these on your knees but I would rather you put your hands on a counter or up against a wall and work on full body straightness.

Russian kettlebell swings:
The goal with these modifications is to EXPLODE up! Move fast and snap into standing straight up. Really over do it with your glutes.
Don’t push your hips forward and arch your back when you stand up! The finish position is a solid, neutral back, straight up position.
Deadlift: light deadlift weight with any weight you have, barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, milk jugs, etc…
Good mornings: no weight. Back straight, slight bend in the knees, hinge at the hip as far over as you can, snap up straight. Cross your arms in front of your chest. 30 reps.

Mountain climbers: 50 seconds worth, however many reps that is for you.
Thrusters: if you’ve got the over head space and want to do these for some reason :P. Use a very light weight.

Strict pull ups:
These are strength focsed, if you want to get strength out of them, no kipping, keep a medium to heavy weight.
If you do something with a lighter weight, increase the reps.
Banded strict: if you have bands and a pull up bar.
Barbell pull up: if you have a barbell, a barbell rack and you feel safe doing pull ups on your barbell while its in the rack. The barbell needs to be high enough that you can hang from it without your butt touching the ground. Put your feet underneath you like you’re doing a squat. The more in front of you your feet are, the more this will become an inverted row.
Inverted row/Ring row: keep your body straigh the whole time, don’t let your hips drop at the bottom, stiff as a board! Also remember to keep your shoulders locked in place, lats engaged. Don’t let you’re shoulders come forwared when you’re at the bottom of the row.
Bent over row: the heaviest weight you can do 5 unbroken of with good form when you are tired. Good form means straight back AND hinging forward as far as you can (you should feel your hamstrings engage). If you’re barely hinged forward then this won’t be working the muscles we want it to.
Anything else from here:, If you’re doing anything from this video with what feels like light weight, increase your reps.

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