Monday, 4/6/2020

Day 21 of the stupid coronavirus shutdown A. Challenges Squats = 410 Push ups = rest day Double unders = 30 10k kb swings = rest day B. From Guru’s chest As many rounds as possible in 24 minutes 5 deadlift, medium heavy (60-70%) 30 weighted russian twist, light 20 press, light (strict or push press) 2 minutes running in place (or 400m run, 500m row, 1200m bike) Target: 5+ rounds Watch out for the presses, they get heavy fast! Keep your back straight on the deadlift. If you’re lower back is bothering you (or hopefully BEFORE it bothers you), really focus on straightening up. Take a second, stand up straight, do neutral back, hold netural back while bending down to find your bar, then deadlift. In the russian twists, try to keep your legs up off the ground the whole time and your body taught, not wiggling around. Just like the deadlift, focus on a straight back when pressing, ESPECIALLY if you are doing seated press. I have really had to work on straightening my back in these, its so easy to arch! Think about starting with a lighter weight than you think you should with these. I started at 45 and dropped to 35 and even that was maybe a bit too heavy, my arms wore out quickly. Try to start with a weight that you can finish with when you’re tired. If you are able to go outside and run (or row or bike), do that, 400m 🙂 If you are not able to go outside (or don’t want to), we’re running in place today. Here... read more

Owner/Head Coach