Stephanie Kinzer

CrossFit Trainer, Level 1 / The Movement Fix Workshop with Dr. Ryan DeBell

Crossfit has been a game-changer for me since I started in 2010. Before Crossfit, I had never lifted a barbell so I was mesmerized (and slightly intimidated) from the start. Prior to Crossfit, I was a dedicated runner, running mostly half marathons. This meant I knew what it was like to exercise aerobically and I knew all about the glorious after-glow of endorphins following workouts. But what I didn’t realize was that you could feel those endorphins after a short Crossfit workout –even within just a few minutes. It’s been exciting to watch so many people in the Crossfit community (including myself) as they transform their bodies and lives. In fact it is absolutely inspiring to watch the human body move and work in its full muscular expression.

My passions outside the Crossfit Box are trail running, racquetball, mud obstacle racing (Spartan and Tough Mudder), traveling, climbing 14ers – and all things outdoors. For the last 4 years I have been living the Mom life, raising two young ladies (age 3 and 1) to treasure and adore. During both pregnancies with them I was able to do modified Crossfit so I learned firsthand how Crossfit can be custom-fit for everyone.

The words of good coaches echo inside my head in almost every workout I do, I can hear the coaches of my past when I need motivation. One of them goes like this:
“Are your legs REALLY burning?” (Roberto)
“YES!!” (me, barely breathing)
“That’s good, now do two more!” (Roberto)

That’s training in a nut shell: you push yourself hard and you create a new limit, and that’s what Crossfit helps you do – redefine those old mental and physical barriers. I think the way we workout can be a reflection of how we face our life. There’s always room for improvement in fitness and humbling moments in store to level the playing field. I am thrilled to share my knowledge and to get inside the heads of athletes as they find their barriers.

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