Tuesday, 3/31/2020

Day 15 of the stupid coronavirus shutdown

A. Challenges

Squats = rest day

Push ups = 85

Double unders = 30

10k kb swings = rest day.

B. From Guru’s chest (zoom at 4pm)
As many rounds as possible in 18 minutes
5 bent over rows, heavy
10 burpees
20 weighted alternating lunges, light to medium

Target: 6 or more rounds, try to do each movement unbroken, get your rests in between the movements.
Don’t sacrifice form for weight in the bent over rows. The weight for these should be: as heavy as you can do 5 unbroken with good form when you are tired. It will probably be less weight than you think. Keep your back straigh, pull the bar into your hip crease, NOT to your chest. Keep your shins vertical and try to lean over as far as you can. keep your hands pretty close, this is not a wide grip movement, if your elbows are rubbing your ribs the whole time, you’re doing it right.
Burpees, make sure you stand up all the way. Don’t look down at the ground at the top of the burpee, look out in front of you and get rid of that hunched back!
Weighted lunges shouldn’t be done too heavy, enough that you need to flex your core to stabilize. Remember to keep your front knee behind your toes, above your ankle. Try to keep your back as straight as you can, a big arch is going mean a sore lower back :(The cardio in this one adds up fast, you’ll be breathing hard before you know it.

Summary: don’t lower the weight on the bent over row, scale reps for everything.

The rows are strength focused so we don’t want to drop the weight (unless you started too heavy) and you want to have some weight on the lunges to work your core stabilization.
If your first round takes longer than 3 minutes, subtract reps from everything.
Change the numbers to:
4 bent over rows
8 burpees
16 lunges
Or if you really want to knock it down:
3 bent over rows
6 burpees
12 lunges

Bent over rows:
These can be done with whatever kind of weights you have, barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, plates (if you want), paint cans, milk jugs, water bottles, whatever you’ve got.
Whichever weight you use, the form will still be the same. Slight bend in your knees, straight back bending as far over as you can at the hips, pulling the weight(s) into your hip crease not your chest.
If you do not have weights, strict pull ups. Really try to focus on your lats/back mucles.
If you dont have a place for strict pull ups, you can look up inverted rows (which are like ring rows with a bar), or you can do ring rows (if you have somewhere to set up rings). Try to pull the rings/bar to somewhere between your sternum and belly button (lower than your nipples 🙂 )

These are in the workout primarily for the cardio. Jumping jacks, mountain climbers, running, biking, rowing, whatever cardio you want to do is fine.
Whatever modification you choose should take 40-60 seconds and should be taxing. Don’t take a nap through this part, you should be breathing hard.

Any kind of lunge is fine for these. Forward, reverse, walking, whichever.
If you don’t have or don’t want to use weights you can use body weight. If you are using body weight try to think about flexing your guts (and butts 🙂 ), you won’t have any extra weight requiring you to do so.
If you don’t want to lunge, you can do step ups or air squats. You can do either step ups or air squats with a light weight, help engage that core a little bit.

C. Front squats

6 x 2 @ 80 %

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