Thursday, 4/30/2020

Day 45 of the stupid coronavirus shutdown.

A. From Guru’s chest

Every 4 minutes for 40 minutes
200m run
10 dumbbell/kettlebell deadlift, light 30-35%
10 bent over rows, light
10 v ups

Enjoy the warm weather with some running 🙂
There is a little bit of running today, figure out where 200 meters (round trip) is for you and get ready to see it a few times 😉
In the deadlifts really keep your shoulders engaged and pulled away from your ears. Between these and the bent over rows, your arms are going to get pretty tired. Fight that fatigue, keep a nice strong upper back, don’t round!
Together with the deadlifts, the bent over rows are going to get tough. In the later rounds your arms aren’t going to want to work right and your glutes/hams might not want to work right either. If/when it gets hard to do these well, stand up, take a couple breaths, do neutral back, get everything engaged and go back into them. Really try to have nice strong shoulders and glutes in the last few rounds 🙂
Try to touch your toes in the v ups today. At least in the first few rounds, make your abs do some serious work. Try to keep your legs as straight as you can as well. That way you really have to get up there.

Summary: keep the run, drop the reps on everything else.

Try not to scale the run, it isnt that far at a time.
If you want to lower the reps for one movement more than 2, you should lower the reps on all the movements. Don’t scale the movement you dont like, scale everything 😛
However you scale, your goal is to have 60-100 seconds of rest every round (a minute to a minute and a half ish). If your rest is less than 60 seconds, you need to scale something, if your rest is longer than 100 seconds you have scaled too much. If you didn’t scale and your rest is longer than 100 seconds, think about adding a rep or two to all the movements. Remember that its a long workout though, if you don’t think you can last all the way to the end with however you are scaling, then change your scaling to something you can make it to the end with.

Any cardio for 1-1:15 minutes.
Jump rope: single unders, 1:15 minutes. If you have or want to work on double unders, do those.
Mountain climbers: count how many you do in 1 minute in the first round, hit that number for the rest of the rounds.

Dumbbell/kettlebell deadlift:
These can be done with whatever kind of weights you have, barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, plates (if you want), paint cans, milk jugs, water bottles, etc…
Barbell deadlift: 30-40%. Focus on keeping your shoulders and upper back engaged today.
Good mornings: no weight, start at 15 reps, you will get through these faster than weighted deadlifts. Back straight, slight bend in the knees, hinge at the hip as far over as you can, snap up straight. Cross your arms in front of your chest.

Bent over rows:
These can be done with whatever kinds of weights that you have, barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, milk jugs, etc…
Anything from here keep it light or body weight.
Kipping pull ups: try to get your chin over the bar with a straight neck. Don’t lift your chin for that extra inch, make your arms pull you all the way up.

V ups:
Sit ups: regular old sit ups 🙂
Leg raises: lay on your back, raise your legs from the ground all the way to straight up in the air, then all the way back to the ground. During a leg raise, when your legs are straight up in the air, your lower back should be touching the floor. Its fine if your back is arched when your legs are on the floor (I’m pretty sure it has to be), but try not to have that arch through the entire movement.

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