Sunday, 1/28/2018

heath hero

AMRAP in 32 minutes of:
24 Burpees with a plate (15/25)
100 meters Odd object/ Partner carry
18 Over head weighted lunges, total (15/25)
*The Plate signifies the added weight police officers carry with their vests and duty belts
Heath Gumm, who was known by the nickname “Gummball,” had joined the sheriff’s office in 2012. He is survived by his wife, Natasha, and other family members. He had no children.
Gumm grew up in a family of first responders, most of them firefighters. His father, James Gumm, is a retired West Metro Fire Protection District engineer, said Ronda Scholting, a spokeswoman for the fire department.
Gumm graduated in 2004 from Denver’s Mullen High School

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