Monday, 3/30/2020

Day 14 of the stupid coronavirus shutdown

A. Challenges

Squats = 360

Push ups = 85

Double unders = 30

10k kb swings

5 rounds of:

10 swings

1 clean

15 swings

2 cleans

25 swings

50 swings

3 cleans

4 cleans

B. From our very own Guru’s chess (zoom at 4 PM)

Every 5 minutes for 30 minutes
10 back squats at medium weight
15 push ups
20 situps
30 mountain climbers

Keep the back squats at no more than 50-60% of your max, by the end of the workout you’ll be feeling them.
Touch the ground with your chest during the push ups, no half push ups 😉
Try to relax your muscles at the top and bottom of the situps, don’t stay crunched the entire time. You should be able to do more for longer and you’ll go through a better range of motion.
Try to keep your butt in the same position the whole time during the mountain climbers, don’t bob up and down

This emom really adds up toward the back end, dont think its all going to feel like round 1 🙂


Summary: the goal is 1-2 minutes of rest every round, scale reps on everything EXCEPT squats to hit that goal.

If you are getting less than 1 minute of rest per round, scale the number of reps you are doing. Subtract a few reps from each movement, not just from 1 movement.
If you are getting more than 2 minutes of rest per round, add more reps to everything EXCEPT the squats, more push ups, situps and mountain climbers. The squats should be pretty taxing by rounds 4 and 5 at 10 reps, there shouldnt be too much room to push them further.


If you don’t have enough weight to do a medium weight squat, if you dont have a barbell and (enough) plates, or you just dont want to do medium weight; then you can scale up how many squat reps you are doing.
If you only have dumbbells you can either front rack 1 or 2 dumbbells, or you can put 1 dumbbell across your shoulders behind your neck (this can be very uncomfortable though, dont hurt yourself!)
If you only have kettlebells you can front rack 2 kettlebells, or you can goblet squat 1 kettlebell.
If you only have body weight, add a lot more reps and get ready to do a lot of cardio for a while, its going to be a long corona virus for you 😛

Push ups:
These can be done from the knees, you can also do these with your feet on the ground and your hands on a box, bench, kitchen counter, or any other raised surface (that isnt going to move). If you have your hands on a raised surface, don’t let your fingers start pointing towards eachother, keep them straight ahead or slightly turned out.
Whatever modification you do, keep your hips straight! Flex your butts, flex your guts 🙂

Sit ups:
If you want to be nice to your back or you just dont want to do situps, do leg raises instead. During a leg raise, when your legs are straight up in the air, your lower back should be touching the floor. Its fine if your back is arched when your legs are on the floor (I’m pretty sure it has to be), but try not to have that arch through the entire movement.

Mountain climbers:
If you want to modify mountain climbers, do jumping jacks. These are here primarily for cardio, so anything to make you breathe harder that isn’t weighted will do 🙂

C. For time

10-9-8-7….1 of;

Overhead squats/ or any type of weighted squat

200 meter run

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