Friday, 5/1/2020

Day 46 of the stupid coronavirus shutdown

A. Front squats

4×4 @ 90%

B. As many rounds as possible in 35 minutes
200m run
5 strict pull up OR 8 chest to bar
5 strict press OR 10 push press, medium weght 50-60%
30 weighted russian twist (hold a weight in your hands)
10 burpees
rest 1 minute

A short run and a few pull ups 😉
Aim for at least 6 rounds.
The run is short, try to get through it as quick as you can. Doesn’t need to be a full on sprint, but don’t take it easy.
Keep your feet a little bit in front of you through the pull ups, accomplish that by keeping your guts flexed :). Straight back, straight legs, its harder to do it this way but you’ll get so much more out of them.
Strict and push press are another place to think about keeping your back straight. Arching your back lets you get more chest involved but its bad for your back, be nice to your back.
Use a press weight that you can go unbroken every round.
Use as much or as little weight in the russian twist as your want. Try to focus on using your abs and obliques (side abs) to twist from side to side. It can be easy to throw the weight around with your arms and have your body just follow the weight. We want our midsections doing the work!
Don’t worry about going as fast as you can with the burpees. By the time you get to them, you’ll probably be a little winded. Find a pace you can maintain and get through them.
Don’t forget your 1 minute rest!

Summary: if the first round takes longer than 7 minutes, lower the number of reps.

With a lower weight in the presses, add a few more reps.
Don’t worry about adding reps to light or unweighted russian twists unless they don’t feel like they are doing anything, then add some reps.
If your first round takes longer than 7 minutes, decrease the reps of everything, not just one thing. Try not to scale the run, don’t want you getting through it too fast 😛
If you think you are going to modify something, modify it from the beginning, finish the workout how you start it.

Any cardio for 1-1:15 minutes. Don’t do burpees, you already have to do those 😉
Jump rope: single or double unders, 1:15 minutes.
Mountain climbers: count how many you do in 1 minute in the first round, hit that number for the rest of the rounds.
Run in place: the higher you lift your legs and the more you pump your arms, the harder this will be.

Strict pull ups:
Whatever you do, try to go heavier/harder, these should be a bit of a challenge, we don’t want to fly through them like they’re nothing.
If you do something with a lighter weight, increase the reps.
Banded strict: if you have bands and a pull up bar.
Barbell pull up: if you have a barbell, a barbell rack and you feel safe doing pull ups on your barbell while its in the rack. The barbell needs to be high enough that you can hang from it without your butt touching the ground. Put your feet underneath you like you’re doing a squat. The more in front of you your feet are, the more this will become an inverted row.
Inverted row/Ring row: keep your body straigh the whole time, don’t let your hips drop at the bottom, stiff as a board! Also remember to keep your shoulders locked in place, lats engaged. Don’t let you’re shoulders come forwared when you’re at the bottom of the row.
Bent over row: the heaviest weight you can do 5 unbroken of with good form when you are tired. Good form means straight back AND hinging forward as far as you can (you should feel your hamstrings engage). If you’re barely hinged forward then this won’t be working the muscles we want it to.
Anything else from here:, If you’re doing anything from this video with what feels like light weight, increase your reps.

Strict press:
These can be done with whatever kind of weights that you have, barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, etc…
You can do these seated if you don’t have the over head room.
Add a few reps if you go light or do push ups.
Push press: 10 reps. Use your legs, keep your back striaght, make sure you stand up all the way at the top.
Push ups: modify these as necessary. I would prefer you NOT do knee push ups and instead put your hands on a table, counter top, or a wall. Focus on keeping your body as straight as you can.

Weighted russian twist:
These can be done with whatever kind of weight you have and are comfortable with using.
Ankle touches: lay down on the ground, bend your knees, alternate touching your ankles. Here is a quick video
Seated hold: sit like you are going to do russian twist, with both your back and your feet off the ground. Do not twist, just hold this seated position for 40 seconds.

Jumping jacks, mountain climbers, biking, rowing, whatever cardio you want to do is fine as long as you aren’t doing it anywhere else in the workout.
Whatever modification you choose should take 40-60 seconds and should be taxing. Don’t take a nap through this part, you should be breathing hard.
Mountain climbers: do as many as you can in 50 seconds on the first round, then do that many for the rest of the rounds.
Thrusters: if you’ve got the over head space and want to do these for some reason :P. Use a very light weight.
Push ups and air squats: modify the push ups however you need. Do 10 reps of each.

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