Barbell Basics Class Begins Tomorrow!


We would like to invite you to attend Barbell Basics every Saturday at 10 AM.

Barbell Basics will focus on Olympic Lifting technique. Olympic Lifts such as the snatch, clean, and jerk are present in many CrossFit workouts. This class will be structured for the beginner lifter. However, going “back to basics” never hurt anyone and may even help an intermediate lifter to improve the smaller nuances that may exist in their technique.

The class structure will include technique instruction, warm-up, and practice with the PVC pipe and/or empty barbell. After practice, the work will consist of a primer followed by the programmed Olympic Lift with a weighted barbell no more than 75% of your 1 rep max. The goal of this class is to practice the technique in order to perform the lifts with good, sound technique consistently.

Finally, this class is part of your membership! See you there!
Barbell Basics class will be held every Saturday at 10AM beginning June 25, 2016.


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