Wednesday, 5/26/2021

“Dani’s Birthday Workout” Buy in: 28 cal row or ski 26 box jumps (20/24) 26 toes to bar 26 front squats (75/115) 26 ghd sit ups 26 kettlebell swings (16/24) Cash out: 28 cal row or ski Every 2 minutes, starting at 0:00 2 burpees over the rower or the...

Monday, 5/24/2021

Part A:5×4 muscle ups or muscle up progressions Part B:18-15-12-9-6-3overhead squats at 40%50ft farmers carry after each set (2x green/yellow kb) then5-10-15-20-25sit ups50ft farmers carry after each set

Sunday, 5/23/2021

“The Payne Train” For Time300 meter Run5 Rounds of Cindy*300 meter Run4 Rounds of Cindy*300 meter Run3 Rounds of Cindy*300 meter Run2 Rounds of Cindy*300 meter Run1 Round of Cindy*300 meter...
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