Pre-Holiday Nutritional Challenge Begins Oct 10th – Nov 6th


CrossFit Terra Nova will be embarking on our autumn nutritional challenge. Make sure you can fit into your fancy clothes before the holiday parties.

Start: Monday, October 10th
Ends: Sunday, November 6th

Cost of Challenge and Prizes:
– $20 Buy In
– winners gets a cash prize (1 male & 1 female winner), the pot will be split based on the proportion of male/female participants.

Submitting Scores Electronically:
– you are accountable to submit your scores at the beginning of every week
– measurements and weigh in to be completed before and after the challenge
– however we encourage weekly measurements for accountability
– before and after pics optional

Measurements: (Must be taken on or before October 10th)

-Weight-in pounds
– Arms- widest point
– Stomach- above naval
– Waist- belt line
– Chest- MEN
– Thigh- WOMEN

Weekly Scoring and Reporting:

  1. Workout Scoring (90 points):
    – 15 points a day for each day you workout a week
    – 90 points a week maximum
    – That includes a mandatory rest day
    – participants are encouraged to workout no more than 5-6 CrossFit classes a week
    – workouts are defined as most forms of psychical activity lasting longer than 20 mins
    – spinning, yoga, other group classes, walking, rowing, hiking, and/or practicing a skill
  1. Optional Finisher (35 points):
    – 5 points a day for doing your “optional finisher” homework (max points per week is 35 points)
    – optional finishers will be posted daily in our Facebook group
  1. Daily and Weekly Diet Scoring (105 points):
    – 15 points a day for a perfect diet
    – 105 points a week maximum
  1. Points for Supplements (35 points):
    – 5 points a day for taking Fish Oil or other supplements (can’t get points for both)
    – 35 points a week maximum
  1. Cheats (-140):
    – 5 points off for each cheat
    – 20 points a day as a cap
    – there will be no negative scores
    – define cheats (anything non pale-ish) and/or alcohol
  1. Total Points (265) and Bonus Points (35 points):
    – 265 points for maximum points in one week
    – 35 additional bonus points for a perfect week (5 additional points a day)
    – Maximum Total points in one week = 300 points
    – Maximum Total points for the month = 1200 points

Diet Rules:
– Paleo-ish/Zone Diet- this is somewhat subjective
– Basic Paleo/Zone Diet rules apply- no dairy, no refined sugars, some starches
– Weekly Food exceptions (allotted 4 per week):
– 2 bananas a week max (ideally ½ portion at a time)
– 2 cups of either quinoa, brown rice, beans or 2 rice cakes (ideally ½ portion at a time)
– Weekly Drink exceptions (we advise no drinking)
– 1 glass of red wine allowed daily (6 oz pour only)
– 2 Tequilas or Gluten Free Vodka (2 oz pour, Saturdays ONLY)

– Sweet Potato – YES
– RECOVERY – YES (post Workout)
– coffee is allowed
– 1 stevia sweetener
– heavy cream as dairy sub

– the workouts are to be performed independently
– you can complete them during your first week (W1)
– you can be complete during the week after the challenge (W5)
– no points will be given for the workouts, but will contribute to deciding a winner

Workout #1:
400 M Run, Rest 60 secs, 400 M Run
Total Time Minus Rest

Workout #2:
15-12-9-6-3 of:
Calorie Row-damper at 5 for everyone

Workout #3:
Max Reps of your choice gymnastic goat in 4 mins

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