Sunday, 4/5/2020

Day 20 of the stupid coronavirus shutdown A. “Mark Klement” 74-44-11 Reps for TimeBurpeesPush-UpsSit-UpsAir Squats Perform 74 repetitions of each movement, then 44 reps of each movement, then 11 reps of each. Complete all 74 Burpees before moving to the 74 Push-Ups, etc. Background: This Hero WOD is dedicated to KHK Mark Klement of the Frankfurt (Germany) Police, who was killed in the line of duty on the night of July 7, 2019. At the time of his death, KHK Klement and his team were attempting to locate and arrest a number of wanted suspects. During a short foot chase on nearby railroad tracks, KHK Klement was struck by a freight train and killed. The “Mark Klement” Hero WOD was first posted by CrossFit Muehlheim-Main @crossfitmuehlheimmain (Mühlheim am Main, Germany). Jens Hoppe designed the workout. The rep scheme signifies the year when Mark was born (74), his age when he died (44), and the age of his daughter (11). B. Challenges Squats = rest day Push ups = 105 Double unders = 30 10k kb swings 10 swings 2 single arm kb presses, total 15 swings 4 kb presses 25 swings 6 kb presses 50 swings 8 kb... read more

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