Friday, 5/22/2020

A. For time:

400 meter run

21 toes to bar

21 box jumps (20/24)

21 shoulder to overhead (75/115)

400 meter run

15 t2b

15 bix jumps

15 s2o

400 meter run

9 t2b

9 box jumps

9 s2o

B. From Guru’s Chest (Stay home workout)

8 rounds for time, 30 minute time cap
200m run
2 deadlifts, heavy 70-80%
10 toes to bar

Any cardio for 1-1:15 minutes.
Jump rope: single unders, 1 minute. If you have or want to work on double unders, do those.
Mountain climbers: count how many you do in 1 minute in the first round, hit that number for the rest of the rounds.
Run in place: the higher you lift your legs and the more you pump your arms, the harder this will be.
Row: 250 meters
Bike: 600 meters

These can be done with any kind of weight you have, barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc… If you use a lighter weight, increase your reps. You can use 1 or 2 kettlebells, 1 will be light, increase reps 🙂
Good mornings: without weight. Do as many as you can in 20 seconds. Keep your back straight, cross your arms in front of your chest and focus on those glutes/hams. At body weight it can be easy to just smash out a bunch of these without thinking, don’t do that. Work to keep your body in strong solid positions.

Toes to bar:
Sit ups: 15 reps.
Leg raises: 15 reps. During a leg raise, when your legs are straight up in the air, your lower back should be touching the floor. Its fine if your back is arched when your legs are on the floor (I’m pretty sure it has to be), but try not to have that arch through the entire movement.
Weighted Russian twist: with a light weight, do twice as many toes to bar.