Sunday, 4/11/2021

“CODE 2 OFF DUTY” Four AMRAPs in 40 minutes AMRAP in 12 minutes 4 Deadlifts (155/225) 8 Bar Over Burpees 16 Handstand Push-Ups Rest 1 minute AMRAP in 10 minutes 3 Front Squats (95/135) 6 Push-Ups 9 Wall Ball Shots (14/20) Rest 1 minute AMRAP in 8 minutes 9 Air Squats 6 Power Cleans (75/115) 3 Shoulder-to-Overheads (75/115) Rest 1 minute AMRAP in 6 minutes 15 Thrusters (65/95) 15 Pull-Ups Background: This workout is dedicated to 4 Victorian police officers who lost their lives on April 22, 2020 when a truck crashed into them in the emergency lane of a freeway. They pulled over a car for speeding before a truck ran into them. The names of the officers were Constable Humphris, Senior Constable King, Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor and Constable Joshua Prestney. It was the largest loss of officer life in a single incident in Victoria Police history. The workout was designed by Vicky White and her partner of CrossFit Chirnside Park @crossfitchirnsidepark (Chirnside Park, Victoria, Australia). A large portion of their membership are police officers who requested them to create this tribute. The 4 AMRAPs are for each of the police officers killed, and the minutes rest in between we have designed for that to be in silence out of remembrance. The name of the workout is what a police officer says at the end of a...

Saturday, 4/10/2021

A. 2 rounds for time, 30 minute cap50 power cleans, not heavier than 55/75 or 30-40% 25 muscle ups (or 50 pull ups) 50 box jump overs (20/24) 15 back squats, not heavier than 135/210 or 70% B. 7 minute abs

Friday, 4/9/2021

Part A: Not for time 5×10 squat snatch, NOT heavier than 75/110 or 55%. Part B:AMRAP in 15 minutes10 strict press, NOT heavier than 55/85 or 55%20 bicycle crunches 30 deadlift, with strict press weight C. 7 minute...

Thursday, 4/8/2021

Part A: Not for time 5×5 single arm dumbbell/kettlebell strict press (5 each arm), heavy Part B: 7 rounds for time, 20 minute cap 12 pull ups 16 calorie row/ski (11 calorie bike) 20 sit ups C. 7 minute abs

Wednesday, 4/7/2021

A. 3 rounds NFT of: 200 m run/250 row or ski/600 bike 10 hamstring curls/ 5-7 glute ham raise 3 wall walks/ 18ft hand stand walk B. AMRAP in 22 minutes4 front squat (not heavier than 125/185 or 70%)20 alternating dumbbell/kettlebell snatch from the floor (dumbbell 50/35) (kettlebell purple/blue)20 dumbbell bench press, light50 single unders C. 7 minute...